A combination of functions for highly defined management

Specifically designed for production and post-production artists in television, film and music, tasks in Timesquad couldn't be simpler when it comes to planning, monitoring and managing your projects.

By using efficient ergonomics, Timesquad keeps you in the action to better focus on your job. Coordinators, sound engineers and technicians are better prepared and more productive. Time saved translates into substantial savings.

By using Timesquad, your associates are able to notify each other of what is going on at each production stage. You will never lose any items that can be invoiced, which once again translates into overall benefit!

for your coordinators...for your technicians...for your administrators...
  • One-click access to all information (calendar, contacts, projects, resources, reservations, and so on).
  • Efficient planning of production stages (for example, casting, recording dates, editing), all while avoiding scheduling conflicts.
  • Overview of the team’s workload in real time indicating who is responsible for what.
  • Overview of project progress. Quick access to the project database for information on key parameters.
  • Efficient communication of directives (otherwise known as 'tasks').
  • Notifications for what has been accomplished.
  • Single view of the workload, allowing to see work to be accomplished beforehand.
  • Efficient notification system for the final stages to notify of realizations (number of hours, elements, etc.), therefore eliminating stress involved in retaining all this information.
  • Allows for greater flexibility, and therefore the possibility to work on several projects at the same time.
  • Access (in read-only mode) to project parameters.
  • Efficient access to your production data.
  • Detailed reports (accounting, timesheets, contacts list, personalized reports).
  • Monitoring of billable items.
  • Management of vacation schedules, leaves, etc.
  • Cost estimate and invoicing module.

Timesquad is an application accessible from an Internet navigator (i.e. Firefox or Safari). Whether you are at the office, on the road or in the comfort of your home, Timesquad is readily accessible. What's more, installation on additional workstations is not necessary.

Custom made based on a complete solution


Based on a modular application framework, Timesquad is perfectly adapted to all your needs.

Since the software works with you, not against you, you will gain precious time.

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What exactly is Timesquad?

Timesquad is a production and collaboration management software designed for artists specializing in television, film and music production and post-production. Whether you are a recording studio, a special effects, dubbing or editing studio, Timesquad was designed for you.

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